The Do Lab: A Mainline Between the Mainstream and the Underground


Lightning In a Bottle 2015 finds The Do LaB staring in the mirror, feeling the pulse of everything its crew has built up to this point. Its finally settling into a venue. It had its biggest year yet at Coachella. There’s another strong line-up set to perform. Seems like the perfect storm, no? Will it succeed in educating and inspiring a huge swath of new fest-going folks to wake up and try something different in their lives? Come May 21, we’ll know for sure.

One note, a caveat, on my recent published piece over at Fest300… I’d like to offer the unedited ending, which I think preserves a different cadence from the final version that was posted:

A Toast to The Wild

So, as you prepare, or pack, or consider buying a ticket, I offer a toast to Lightning in a Bottle 2015:

A toast to your wild side, strange and unfettered by expectation or necessity. May you nurture your inner animal and your outer human.

A toast to your dichotomy, a daily contradiction filled with meditation and debauchery. To a nightly insurrection of synchronicity and magic!

May your mindset be malleable, your dance moves infallible. To jokes that are laughable, to looking your most and least photographable!

I wish you safe journeys as you try on new ideas, new clothes, and new identities. Though Transformation is quite a tall order, may you be transformed just by having made the effort, even in the smallest of ways. Woogie down.

Read the rest of the article on Fest300 (link).

I’ve Got Your Lucidity 2015 Promo Code Right Here!


Interested in saving a few bucks on your Lucidity ticket for the 2015 festival? Wolfbear’s got you covered. Hit me up via e-mail (wryanpinkham at gmail) or on twitter (@bruin) and I can save you a few bucks!

Oh, and check out the new poster for this year’s festival, created by the amazing futurist conceptual artist, Mark Goerner:


Do LaB Founders Give Hints to Upcoming Festival


For those of you still riding the monumental waves created at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival in Silverado Canyon over Memorial Day, there’s some great news on the horizon. The Do LaB hinted towards it’s newest project festival, Rise and Shine (tw, fb) on the back of its printed guide and on the way out of the festival grounds.

Information is coming in bits and pieces and I wanted to gather some of that information here for anyone like me who is anxiously anticipating (or wanting to get involved) in this groundbreaking opportunity.