Wesley Wolfbear Pinkham

Photo by Suzie Ross Photography.

California-bred, world citizen.


I fuse a background in classical arts, a perspective based in academia and a passion for vibrant new media forms to build communities of creativity and expression!


A digital native and early-adopter of social platforms, I’m peering beyond the trendy to provide insight into tangible, meaningful communication strategies for tastemakers and industry-leaders.


I speak music. In fact, I’ve been playing piano since age 8. I know more than a few ballet moves and choreographers by name. At some point or another, I’ve been a pianist, guitarist, gfx designer, foodie, installation designer, event organizer, box office manager, arts non-profit admin, sound technician and stage manager. All of this experience lends to my deep passion in helping professionals and organizations tell their story using their language in a compelling and relevant medium.


I’ve spent the last few years working with agencies providing creative and strategic development to Fortune 500 companies. I’ve helped market the launch of a leadership development program earning $1M+ in its first year of offering. I’ve also had direct posting access to social media outlets of the world’s biggest automaker.


Graphic design. Presentations and workshops. Web design. Public performance. Social media. Conventions and expos. Press releases. Video conceptualization. Merchandise. Photography.


I’m an ENTP, with a very strong preference for extroversion. I build an internal consensus before making recommendations by consuming a ton of media and gathering established and emerging viewpoints. And I’m happy to play Devil’s Advocate to move conversations into compelling, creative pathways.



Photography, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Microsoft Office, WordPress, creative conceptualizing, Front of House operations, PR and crisis communications, event production, Mac OSX/Microsoft, copywriting, 100+ WPM


HTML, CSS, Audio Backline


Video editing (Adobe Premiere), Audio editing (Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Garageband)

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