How to Hide Zimbio Surveys from Your Facebook Timeline


Tired of survey results popping up on your Newsfeed telling you which Star Wars/Devil Wears Prada/Big Bang Theory character your friend pseudo-resembles (see: Forer Effect)?

Here’s all it takes to hide these from your timeline! Knowledge is power.


  1. Click the little downward arrow at the top right of the post on your newsfeed
  2. Select Hide all from Zimbio
  3. You can then choose to just hide Zimbio or all posts from your friends
  4. You can say that it’s a meme, or you can just skip the rest of the questions!

ART EVERYWHERE: A Flashmob That Really Sings


Hopefully, the flashmob craze as a means of Astroturf campaign advertising has settled into the realm of lessened popularity (along with planking, one would presume). But leave it to the fine arts to take a craze and turn it into a truly remarkable experience. Bravo to the Copenhagen Philharmonic!!

This reminds me of the amazing Milk campaign executed by the Dortmund Concert Hall