North Carolina (2013-2014)

I was drawn to Asheville, as many are, with the promise of quaint winters and tons of new age hippie/hipsters. What awaited me was a paradise of craft beer, artisanal coffee, artists collectives and great music.

I have two cousins that live out there who are originally from Florida. They happen to be two of the coolest people I know, and I figured, if they like it then so will I. Plus, Avi’s got a newborn (pictured in the gallery). And I was already out in that part of the country (well, Texas), so I figured I might as well keep trucking out to the Appalachians.

Some of the things you’ll see in this set: the Billy Graham Library, Avi and his partner and their baby, my cousin Liat, friends visiting from California, a Bug Ball at one of the local co-op houses, this musician I met named Hannah who I invited to live in my car and we’ve been together since, a Mardi Gras parade, some live music and tons of amazing new friends…

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