2017: A Call to Hearts

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So it’s time to organize. It’s time to buy the ticket and take the ride. It’s time to mount up, put your hand over your heart and pledge allegiance to one another.

This year, I’m editing and curating the Lucidity Festival blog: Dream Journal. Here’s one of my first articles for this marketing cycle, “A Call to Hearts.”

Captured by Kaylie ‘Violet’ Starkey of Violet Visions

Alright you Lucid rainbow warriors. We got clobbered. Swept up. The world turned upside down and we lost our footing.

Now what? It’s a new year. It’s a new world. We’re back in the counter-culture. So let’s dig in. Let’s act like we have a message and we believe in it. Let’s organize and support one another in deeper, more meaningful ways.

I’ll tell you this, in 2016 at Lucidity, I didn’t talk about Trump once. He never came up. I even mentioned it on a panel and almost everyone in the audience had had the same experience. He didn’t exist.

It wasn’t even about whether it was a possible reality. It just didn’t change the reality we were creating together. He doesn’t. We weren’t afraid. And that’s all that needs to be said about it right now.

It just doesn’t change the reality we are creating together.

I’m a mass shooter

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I’m a mass shooter
Hands clasped around an automatic trigger
Crosshairs pointed down long barrels at
Shimmering dreams and setting suns

I’m a weapon of mass deconstruction
Analyzing and theorizing how to justify
The end of civility and to usher in
A new C(K)ali fate

Weapon drawn, I’m strapped for days, sporting
Flashbang Memory
LP-E12 Battery
Shoulder Rig and Go Pros
Canons at the ready
24 Frames Per Second

I’m a pixel warrior
Waging my wager with the

Climbing behind my single lens reflex
I wear my media badge of honor and fight against
The lonesomeness we feel when we walk outside in the morning and no one says our name or wonders where we’ve been holed up for days crying tears of solitude as we grab real weapons and turn them on those who could have saved us with just a little kindness

I point my camera at you to tell you that you are loved
and you are beautiful
and your story is worth telling
and your heart is worth hearing

I am a mass shooter
And my weapon is glass and lasers
Story telling at the speed of light and
Protecting that which can never be destroyed

I clutch my camera closely and inscribe
“This Machine Kills Fascists”