Fight For $15 and a Union : December 4, 2014

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In what ways is a protest TRANSFORMATIVE? It’s a word we’re quickly tiring of, perhaps because transformation is awfully hard to measure. But gathering an empowered voice, to be able to publicly SHOUT DOWN the systems of control that value one’s worth and to see a collective that is capable of creating change in your own life… That is a powerful antidote to disenfranchisement.


The next day, things are different. You are not just a cog in the machine. You have a voice. You have an opinion. These things take time. Certainly this is amazing progress in just a couple of years of organizing. They will win, it’s only a question of when. $15/hour minimum wage for all workers to ensure fairness in business. And a Union to make sure that pay stays ahead of welfare wages.


3.6 MILLION fast food workers being paid fair wages will boost the economy. Our country can handle the inflation. If your self-worth is dependent on someone being worth less, you need to check your ego.


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