My Music(ian) Profile


Brief: I started studying classical piano and music theory at the age of 8 and played in bands/ensembles throughout high school. When I moved up to LA for college, I did not find time to play in groups, though I have continued to develop my chops in jazz, funk, rock and more. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar since age 14 and most of my playing on that instrument is bluegrass-style. I’m working on my flatpicking… Anyway,  it’s time to get playing again.

Skills: keyboards, acoustic/rhythm guitar, background vocals, music theory and arranging

Influences: Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Indie-Folk, Jazz, Electro, Trance, Hip-Hop, Blues, Singer-Songwriters… I take it all in.

I Play: Roland XP-30, Alvarez AD-90SDK

Back in the day: (we won the high school battle of the bands with this performance)