Do LaB Founders Give Hints to Upcoming Festival


For those of you still riding the monumental waves created at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival in Silverado Canyon over Memorial Day, there’s some great news on the horizon. The Do LaB hinted towards it’s newest project festival, Rise and Shine (tw, fb) on the back of its printed guide and on the way out of the festival grounds.

Information is coming in bits and pieces and I wanted to gather some of that information here for anyone like me who is anxiously anticipating (or wanting to get involved) in this groundbreaking opportunity.

ART EVERYWHERE: A Flashmob That Really Sings


Hopefully, the flashmob craze as a means of Astroturf campaign advertising has settled into the realm of lessened popularity (along with planking, one would presume). But leave it to the fine arts to take a craze and turn it into a truly remarkable experience. Bravo to the Copenhagen Philharmonic!!

This reminds me of the amazing Milk campaign executed by the Dortmund Concert Hall


My Music(ian) Profile


Brief: I started studying classical piano and music theory at the age of 8 and played in bands/ensembles throughout high school. When I moved up to LA for college, I did not find time to play in groups, though I have continued to develop my chops in jazz, funk, rock and more. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar since age 14 and most of my playing on that instrument is bluegrass-style. I’m working on my flatpicking… Anyway,  it’s time to get playing again.

Skills: keyboards, acoustic/rhythm guitar, background vocals, music theory and arranging

Influences: Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Indie-Folk, Jazz, Electro, Trance, Hip-Hop, Blues, Singer-Songwriters… I take it all in.

I Play: Roland XP-30, Alvarez AD-90SDK

Back in the day: (we won the high school battle of the bands with this performance)

That Ol’ Man Robeson


I can’t help thinking about Paul Robeson while I try to sleep.

Born in 1898, the literal Son of a Preacher Man, Paul Robeson earned a four-year scholarship to Rutgers. Recognized as Phi Beta Kappa, he was also valedictorian of his class at Rutgers while simultaneously earning 15 letters in track, baseball, basketball, and football. As if this wasn’t enough, Robeson was also an *All-American* footballer in his college years.